Team UP Skiwear is a family run business located in Egham, Surrey.


Our aim is to sell quality winter sportswear at consistently low prices. Being avid skiiers ourselves we work to high minimum standards throughout our range, if we wouldn't wear items ourselves we wouldn't sell them to customers.


At Team UP we uniquely link all of our customers together, whether they buy online or at one of our shows across the country. We buy all our items in bulk and sell to everyone at our lowest prices. If you buy online now, you will be teaming UP with other customers, you may never meet eachother but rest assured you will both be paying the lowest price.


We know we are competing with larger discount stores, national chains and even supermarkets on price. We keep our range simple and overheads low. We will not win the price battle every time, but we know our products will kit you out with the essentials you need for your trip and not hit you in the pocket.


Although we have a website, we are always available by email to offer advice, any questions you have please don't hesitate to contact us. We aim to be honest and stay away from a hard sales push, it is our aim that customers go skiing with the essentials they need and not overspend.




A little bit about Team UP

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